BTS’s RM Is “Cool”, And Jungkook Refuses To Let Him Forget It

Once again, Jungkook proved that he’s RM’s biggest cheerleader.

It’s been years, but RM is still as “cool” as ever in Jungkook‘s eyes!


Jungkook became RM’s #1 fan long before BTS was BTS. He’s the reason why Jungkook chose to sign with Big Hit Entertainment, back in 2010.


Nine years later, Jungkook is still RM’s cheerleader. He rarely misses an opportunity to hype RM up…


…or tell him how cool he is.


In a newly released behind the scenes video, Jungkook shows his fanboy colors yet again. While shooting their FESTA photo collection, RM promised to take cool photos rather than funny photos from now on.


In reply, Jungkook said that RM is always cool. RM told Jungkook to stop saying that on camera, but Jungkook insisted. “RapMon always looks cool.” 


Watch the subtitled video here: