RM Discusses The Importance Of Constructive Criticism For BTS

BTS’s leader shared his thoughts in the “Bring The Soul” docu-series.

If there’s one person who is always searching for ways to grow, it’s BTS‘s leader, RM.


RM often speaks about bettering himself, not just as a performer, but as a person. This kind of growth, however, is impossible without change, and change begins with knowing what needs to be improved.


In episode 3 of Bring The Soul, “Relationship”, RM shares his thoughts on constructive criticism. “When I’m asked what motivated BTS to get to where we’re at now,” he said. “I feel a bit frustrated.”


“There’s so much room for improvement, but we’re only given positive feedback.”


“However, I think we’re slowly, but surely, getting there. Seven guys together, it’s not easy.” 


RM, like the rest of his members, knows how important it is to stay humble and keep striving for more. It isn’t easy, but for BTS’s, this approach is paying off in the long run.