This Is What BTS’s RM Might Do To Win Over His Crush

RM once said he would give this as a gift to his love interest.

When it comes to wooing a crush, everybody has their own style, including RM.


BTS‘s leader is the ultimate “boyfriend material”. He’s caring, intelligent, wise, genuine, extremely talented, and morally upstanding. On top of that, he’s incredibly charismatic on and off stage. It’s impossible not to fall for his charm.


According to RM though, he was “sort of weird in school” and he didn’t consider himself the “attractive type”. He wore glasses, had the 2008-style mushroom cut (that was cool at the time!), and was a bit on the “nerdy” side. Romantic holidays like White Day (a holiday where girls give candy to the guys they like) weren’t really his thing, but that’s all in the past now.


These days, if RM were to try to win over a crush, he might use the ideas he mentioned back when he guested on Problematic Man. Instead of giving his crush candy or a store-bought gift, RM said that he would show his sincerity by writing a song…


…and putting headphones into her ear for her to listen to it.


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