RM’s Speech From BTS’s Ending Ment Is Making Everybody Ugly Cry

His words moved thousands of fans to tears at the Rose Bowl concert.

On May 5, BTS concluded their first Speak Yourself concerts, at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles. Although all the members’ ending ment speeches touched ARMY‘s hearts, RM‘s didn’t leave a dry eye in the stadium.


“I don’t know what to say,” he began. “Yesterday and tonight were the best, best kick-offs I ever had on a tour.”


“From 2013, in six years, we had many memories. We were RM, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, V, Suga. K-Pop. We were seven boys from Korea. All just Koreans. Idols, artists…and you guys.”


“You guys were our school.” 


“You guys were our dream.”


“You guys were our happiness.” 


You guys were our wings.”


“You guys were our cosmos.”


“You were our light to our nights.”


“You guys were our most beautiful moment in life.”


“I love all the names you had, but tonight, in this moment, let’s just forget it. Let’s just call us, call each other, you know?”


“We’re just BTS, and you’re ARMY. And, at the same time, you guys are BTS and we’re your ARMY.”


“Wherever you’re from, whatever you speak, however old you are, in this Rose Bowl, tonight we are one. We speak the same thing. We speak the same voice. We speak the same language. This is community, what we call community.”


“I love you. Thank you so much. We will never forget all of you — all your stories, ARMY.


“Let’s keep speaking the same language.”


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