Even RM Hasn’t Mastered An English Word…But That Didn’t Stop BTS From Trying

Practice makes perfect!

BTS‘s RM is fluent in English, a notoriously difficult language that makes up rules as it goes.

Left to right: Suga, RM, and Jimin

From spelling to pronunciation, English can be frustrating, even for native speakers. What’s with the silent “e?” Why doesn’t “move” rhyme with “love?” Why do “read” and “live” have two different meanings, depending on how they’re pronounced? Let’s not even go “there” with “their” and “they’re!”

Jungkook pronounced “frustrated” as “trusfrated” while learning the word.

In a newly uploaded AskAnythingChat clip, RM was asked which English words he struggles to pronounce. “There’s a lot, actually,” he said, but one, in particular, gave all his members trouble: “extraterrestrial.”   

As always, BTS was up for a challenge! The interview became much noisier as they all tried to wrap their tongues around this tongue-twisting vocab.

(Here’s Leader RM’s classic I’m so done with them reaction.)

After about ten solid seconds of listening to every possible version of “extraterrestrial,” RM moved the Q&A along.

Next question.

— RM

Watch the clip here: