Everyone Is Thanking RM For The Latest BTS Memes

Thank you, RM!

ARMYs knows that BTS has blessed us all with some pretty glorious memes over the years.


Each of the members has contributed in their own special way to leave us with some pretty spectacular memes like this…


And this!


In fact, there’s probably a BTS meme for every occasion!


Although we might have plenty of memes to choose from already, that doesn’t mean fans won’t celebrate when a new one makes an appearance. So let the celebrations begin because two new BTS memes have been discovered!


But it isn’t just the fact that these two memes are as gold as the golden maknae himself…


It’s the fact that we have RM to thank for them since both of them came about thanks to RM practicing for his United Nation’s Assembly speech.


Fans have been absolutely loving these two new additions to the land of BTS memes.


Of course, ARMYs have also been adding to them to get some other fun creations like these!


And we all have RM to thank for all these great new additions!