BTS’s RM Gets Real About What His Members Really Mean To Him

“I need to think about living as myself and as a part of BTS”

BTS‘s RM shared his honest feelings about what his BTS members really mean to him, and how he feels about coping with things by himself.

The members have grown up together and seen each other go through good times, bad times, and everything in between. Their newest album, PROOF, is aptly named, seeing as it really is the proof of how far they have come together.

In an interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin discussed how, by prioritizing the group above all else, the members have been sacrificing their own individual needs for the past nine years. And in doing so, BTS was able to reach unprecedented heights.

I’m grateful for the very fact that they’ve all made certain personal sacrifices to better fit with the group’s needs, and I think Namjoon is amazing for the fantastic job he did coordinating everything and everyone.

— Jin

RM himself related that he thinks BTS has made unique performances and astonished people in many creative ways, but that now it is time for the group to grow beyond just ‘astonishing people’ and start thinking about what messages they really want to send.

After having prioritized the group so much, perhaps one way to do this would be to learn about their own individual strengths—but that’s not always easy. Speaking with Weverse Magazine, RM got real about his feelings on coping on his own and, therefore, what his members really mean to him.

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Journalist Myungseok Kang brought up the track, “Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.)” from PROOF, questioning what the thought process behind it was and suggesting that it felt like something very personal for RM.

​One of the songs on Proof is “Young Forever (RM Demo Ver.).” Unlike in the final version, the melody here feels more like something off your mixtape mono. It feels like you’re exploring your personal depths, and maybe that represents the accumulation of six years’ worth of thoughts.

— Myungseok Kang

RM acknowledged this, saying, “I’m certain that I have some things I need to say but I never seem to be able to do it.”

He then elaborated, explaining that because he’s achieved everything he has alongside his members, he’s actually “not really confident about the things I have to cope with on my own.”

Everything I ever got as a result of being a part of this group was something I would never be able to get if I were on my own, so I’m not really confident about the things I have to cope with on my own.

— RM

To RM, the members are like his comfort zone, especially after everything they have experienced together. They are family.

So I need to think about living as myself and as a part of BTS. BTS is family to me. We have to be on each other’s side in times of crisis, and we have to face the happy stuff and the sad stuff together. I need to think about what we need to do in between those times.

— RM

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BTS have always been together through thick and thin, and they will continue to always be there for each other as family, especially as they take time to watch each other grow. Even though it’s still difficult for the other members to cope with things on their own, mapping out their own individual strengths will only make the team stronger than ever!

Source: Weverse Magazine