“Detective RM” Deserves His Own Crime K-Drama And We Want It ASAP

RM proved that he has what it takes to be an actor in BTS’s new music video.

BTS‘s resident actors are Jin (who majored in acting) and V (who starred in Hwarang), but now RM is blowing everyone away with his own acting skills!


On June 28, BTS dropped “Heartbeat”, the title track for the BTS WORLD game OST, along with the full soundtrack. The music video shows clips from “Another Story”, an in-game alternate universe where each BTS member has a different job.


RM is a literature-student-turned-detective who uses his genius-level IQ to solve crimes.


Detective RM was introduced to fans as a smiling, deerstalker-wearing sleuth, but “Heartbeat” gave him a badass makeover.


RM charges into the music video as a K-Drama style cop, dressed in a leather jacket and armed with angsty charm.


Without context, it’d be easy to believe that these scenes came from a crime drama like Bad GuysLife on Mars, or Stranger.


RM suited the role so well that fans are now begging for his acting debut!


Check out the “Heartbeat” MV here: