BTS’s RM Did This Completely Wrong, But Hardly Anybody Noticed

His members, the staff…even ARMY may have missed this.

Even geniuses like RM make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes slip right under the radar.


In Episode 84 of Run BTS!BTS plunged down a sky-high water slide and tackled a slippery obstacle course. They were also catapulted into the air while doing assigned facial expressions.


For these activities, BTS wore safety equipment to protect themselves from the water, their members, and…themselves.


Helmets were a must for the waterslide and pose challenges. They were supposed to be worn like this…


…not like this.


RM accidentally put his helmet on backward the first time he went down the waterslide, but his members and the staff didn’t seem to notice, until after the fact.


Even most viewers didn’t pick up on this until days after the episode aired.


Thankfully, for safety’s sake, RM realized his mistake sometime before his second turn and turned the helmet right side around.


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