Arts And Crafts Aren’t Dangerous…Unless You’re BTS’s RM

“God of Destruction” + hot glue? Fans were a little worried.

BTS‘s RM, aka the “God of Destruction”, has a reputation for being clumsy…

…and breaking anything he touches…

…including himself.

You can see then, why fans were stressing out about RM using a hot glue gun.

On April 23, RM and J-Hope made their own custom ARMY Bombs during a live stream using fabric, flowers, paint, and a whole lot of hot glue. At times, RM struggled…

…and looked to fans for help…

…but everything turned out well in the end! In addition to worrying about RM’s safety, some fans may have feared for his watch’s life.

Using a hot glue gun around a $75,500 Patek Philippe? That’s tempting fate!

After all, this isn’t the first time RM has risked his expensive accessories. In Episode 98 of Run BTS!, RM drowned a Rolex Day-Date 40 Platinum watch worth $57,600 USD or more. Thankfully, it was waterproof. (For that price, it should be!)

During RM and J-Hope’s broadcast, Jungkook stopped by in his workout clothes. Find out what he was up to here:

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