BTS’s RM And J-Hope Both Stanned One Female Artist So Much, She Became Their Wallpaper

She gave them a shoutout too!

Imagine being stanned by not just one but two BTS members. That dream became reality for one talented star!

RM and J-Hope | @bts_twt/Twitter

During BTS’s early days, RM and J-Hope were both big fans of Tinashe, an American singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. Her hit songs include “Company”, “All Hands On Deck”, and “2 On.”

Tinashe | @tinashenow/Instagram

In 2015, RM (then Rap Monster) shared a song by Tinashe and Usher on Twitter, expressing his love for it.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

During a live broadcast two years later, eagle-eyed fans noticed a familiar face as RM’s lock screen.

| V Live

When they zoomed in, they saw that it was none other than Tinashe. (And yes, she is gorgeous!)

| RCA Records

Tinashe was also spotted as the wallpaper on J-Hope’s computer. This photo was taken by Vante, aka V, and posted on BTS’s Twitter.

| Vante & @bts_twt/Twitter

In interviews, J-Hope expressed his wish to collaborate with Tinashe…

…and she was open to it!

Although it’s been years since their last interaction, many BTS x Tinashe fans are still hoping for a collaboration. There’s no telling what the future holds! Tinashe’s comments from 2018 may come to fruition one day!


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