BTS’s RM And J-Hope Once Came To Suga’s Rescue During A Performance

They immediately knew something was wrong!

When BTS performed their hit song “MIC Drop” at a past concert, RM and J-Hope could instantly tell that Suga had a problem on stage.

Suga’s earpiece had unexpectedly malfunctioned during his part in the song. An earpiece is a monitor that allows singers to hear their own voice even with noise surrounding them, so Suga may have been uncomfortable performing without one.

Suga naturally didn’t have the time or opportunity to inform his members about the problem, but without missing a beat, RM and J-Hope came to his rescue right away!

They took over his part without a hitch, allowing him the ease of moving along to the beat and still giving fans a great show.

Even a malfunctioning earpiece couldn’t stop Suga from radiating confidence and energy!

In the end, it was still an epic performance. It just goes to show how—whenever they run into a problem—they know that they can rely on each other for help.

BTS’s truly rap line has a connection beyond words!

Source: Twitter