BTS’s RM And Jin Wore The Same Hoodie But Served Different Vibes

They both looked so good in this hoodie!

Although the BTS members have “different clothes,” their style sometimes overlaps!

“We have different clothes.” | AskAnythingChat/YouTube

 RM and Jin recently proved this by rocking the same hoodie. They both wore a grey Louis Vuitton hoodie named “Neon Working Man Hoodie,” which costs $1,220 USD.

| Louis Vuitton

Jin wore the hoodie while visiting fishing buddy Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s restaurant to eat and chat. Jin didn’t wear any accessories with his hoodie and favored a simple look, which is totally in line with his signature comfortable style. He looked ready for a casual hangout with his friend while rocking this unassuming, understated look.

Jin (left) and Chef Lee Yeon Bok (right) | @fuxtom/Instagram

Jin also rocked this hoodie in BTS’s acceptance speech from the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. Here, he paired the hoodie with a pair of flared, light wash Louis Vuitton jeans. As usual, he effortlessly exuded casual elegance!

| JoseOchoaTV/YouTube

RM wore the “Neon Working Man Hoodie” in his birthday live broadcast.


RM paired the hoodie with matching sweatpants.

| Louis Vuitton

RM also accessorized with an $82,800 USD brown Patek Philippe watch, which broke up the monotony of the all-grey outfit and elevated his casual look.


RM wore the same outfit to the airport recently when the BTS members were on their way to New York to speak at the 76th United Nations General Assembly.

| @koreadispatch/Instagram

RM accessorized with the same watch he wore during his birthday live stream, and he finished his outfit off with a Louis Vuitton bag, carrot pouch, and sandals.

RM’s big bag and expensive watch brought an elegant vibe to the casual hoodie and sweatpants look. He looked like a CEO who was enjoying some time off. Even though his outfit was extremely casual and comfy for the long plane ride, RM made his Louis Vuitton matching set look every bit as expensive as it was!

Same Fit, Different Vibes