BTS’s RM Was So Tired Of Jin’s Playfulness, He Ended Their Game On His Own Terms

He wasn’t afraid of the consequences!

BTS was ready for a jam-packed schedule when they filmed Run BTS! Episode 131. Besides being splashed with water for every mistake made during their debate, they also started the day with being dunked into the pool.

After V and J-Hope battled it out, Jin and RM went head to head against each other. The goal of the game was to slap the other person’s hands hard enough that they lose balance atop the float and fall into the water.

Jin made it known right away that he wasn’t going to go easy on RM at all!

Their round went on for so long, they almost fell because the float was filled with water. The show’s editors couldn’t help but comment, “How long will this take? When will this end?”

Suga ended up shouting, “With one blow!” to make them quit their antics and finish quickly. RM and Jin agreed, but the latter just wasn’t willing to lose!

RM couldn’t take it any longer. Ignoring the rules of the game, he grabbed Jin into a hug and made them both fall into the water at the same time.

It was definitely effective at making everyone laugh!