BTS’s RM Once Revealed His Most “Unforgettable” Memory With Jin

Jin agreed heavily with RM.

The BTS members have shared many heartwarming stories from their trainee days, and RM once spoke about his most “unforgettable” memory with Jin from their trainee days.

BTS’s RM (Left) & Jin (Right)

RM was once asked to share his most “unforgettable episode” with Jin, and he said that it would be when he had budae jjigae (army base stew) with Jin when they were trainees. Jin agreed heavily with RM’s statement.

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Budae jjigae (army base stew)

RM even believes that the budae jjigae he ate that day is the best one he’s ever eaten.

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That day, both RM and Jin got scolded by their old dance instructor.

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RM and Jin even cried due to getting scolded!

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Jin then explained that he and RM had practiced for around 6 hours that day, got scolded by their old dance instructor, and then went to eat some budae jjigae.

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Here’s the full video below!