BTS’s RM Went Viral For “Protecting” Jin, But That’s Not What Really Happened

There’s more to it than meets the eye.

A moment between BTS‘s RM and Jin went viral, but this famous clip isn’t all it appears to be!


Let’s take a trip back to 2019, the birth of the MAP OF THE SOUL era. In April, BTS released MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona and took home four of the five awards they were nominated for at The Fact Music Awards (TMA). This included “Best Album” for Love Yourself: Answer and the Daesang (grand prize).


While BTS was on stage at TMA, a fancam recorded Jin being struck by a microphone. At the time, the staff was rushing to clear the stage and they did not realize they had hit Jin.

In the viral clip, RM seems to behave wildly out of character by yelling at the staff for hitting Jin.

The original video, however, shows that RM isn’t scolding the staff at all. He crossed the stage to talk to J-Hope!

The members gathered around RM to hear what he had to say.

Watch a copy of the original clip here: