BTS’s Jungkook Charms RM With His Endearing English Skills

RM loved his compliments.

When BTS first started out, RM was the group’s only fluent English speaker, but that’s beginning to change!


In addition to practicing, performing, and working on music behind the scenes, the members have been studying the English language. Which member, according to RM, is beginning to speak it well? He gave his honest answer in a newly released AskAnythingChat interview clip, filmed back in 2018.

Several members chose J-Hope, but after taking a moment to think about it, RM picked Jungkook. “Yeah, I’ll pick Jungkook,” he said. “Jungkook is fast.” 

Fast, and charming too! Jungkook put his English skills to work in the cutest way. He clapped his hand on RM’s shoulder and said, “You’re friendly,” to RM, making him laugh.

“Let’s collaborate,” Jungkook added, playfully. “Thank you for your compliments,” RM replied.

And RM x Jungkook collab? We’d love to see it!