BTS’s RM Keeps Dropping The Same Hint For Their Upcoming Album

By saying a little, RM’s saying a lot.

BTS‘s upcoming album Map Of The Soul: 7 will soon be in the hands of fans who’ll be able to marvel over the photobook and figure out new theories by listening to the songs.


Since it’ll be released next month, on February 21, fans are more than eager for more details about it, especially following the release of “Black Swan”. In many of the interviews from the GRAMMYs, RM kept giving fans exactly what they wanted.

When asked about spilling a few details about the upcoming release, RM gave the same exact hint. From Billboard

to E!, he kept it vague but exciting by using the word “harder.” When he gave the same hint for Entertainment Tonight, the hosts were just as curious as everyone else and wanted to know what that meant.

After seeing how eager they were to know, RM gave a little bit more. He stated, “It’s the hardest… the hardest we can go.” He then made a statement that could’ve been referring to the choreography.

RM increased the anticipation of the new music even more: “The new performance, I think that’s the best.”

It seems like the new music will have a darker, intense vibe along with powerful stages to match, based on RM’s hint. Listen to his response here. What are you expecting?