“He Got On His Knees”: BTS’s RM Knelt Down In Front Of So!YoON, But He Doesn’t Remember

We would do anything he suggests after that too…

Last month, BTS‘s RM and rock duo Sae So Neon member So!YoON! released their collaboration single, “Smoke Sprite.”

It’s surely a collaboration to remember, and there are some lyrics that ARMYs will just never get over. “Take on my knees” is one of them.

Take on my knees. Stuck with you in your dreams. Tell me more I could die. Take on like a beast.

— So!YoON! & RM, “Smoke Sprite.”

RM (left) and So!YoON! (right) | 새소년 SE SO NEON/YouTube

In an interview with Jay Park on his show The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive, So!YoON! revealed what was seemingly the shocking inspiration for this iconic line of the song. According to her, he knelt down on his knees in front of her as soon as he walked in and asked her what she thought about “take on my knees.”

So, we needed lyrics and he came to the studio in the ‘Yesterday’ video. RM came through the door and got on his knees. I asked, “What are you doing?” and he said he thought of some lyrics and asked ‘what do you think about the line, ‘take on my knees?’’ And that actually became the first line of the song.

— So!YoON!

While she considers it “the most memorable moment,” RM himself doesn’t actually remember kneeling, though. In So!YoON! – Album Commentary: [Episode1 : Love], he and So!YoON! talked about the behind-the-scenes process of creating “Smoke Sprite.”

So!YoON! – Album Commentary: [Episode1 : Love] sesoneon

Even more shocking, the two had only met once before this moment. So, we can imagine So!YoON! must have been really shocked!

| @sleeep__sheeep/Instagram

So!YoON!: It was our second time meeting too.

RM: The second time of officially meeting.

He did reveal that his inspiration for the line was ABBA’s song “Take A Chance On Me.” He explained why he used the unconventional wording.

So!YoON! – Album Commentary: [Episode1 : Love] sesoneon
| 새소년 SE SO NEON/YouTube

It certainly turned out amazing! And if RM did indeed kneel in front of So!YoON! as she described, we admire her for being so strong.

Watch her interview with Jay Park below.

Source: sesoneon


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