BTS’s RM Knows Jungkook’s Crying Habits More Than Jungkook Knows Himself, Here’s Actual Proof

Jungkook said he’d never do what RM teased him about, but everything changed 3 hours later.

One of the best things about BTS is that they are totally against the concept of “toxic masculinity”…

…as they encourage each other and their fans to feel comfortable about the topic of doing makeup…

…wearing clothes that they consider fashionable…

…and simply crying and expressing what you feel, regardless of what gender identity you identify with.

ARMYs love it whenever BTS members show off their emotions and reveal their vulnerable side, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be any good-natured teasing sessions, right?

In one particular behind-the-scenes video, fans can see RM teasing Jungkook that he would be crying once again while singing their song “Born Singer”.

Jungkook confidently stated that he wouldn’t cry because he’s a “pro”.

And we’d like to tell you that the story ended here, but we won’t because that’s not what happened.

Because when their concert happened, and the song “Born Singer” came up, Jungkook showed his true “professionalism” and became teary-eyed…

…until he couldn’t prevent his tears from falling anymore.

It took him a few tries to wipe his eyes, but the tears just wouldn’t stop — after all, “Born Singer” is close to Jungkook’s heart because the song’s message is all about how BTS struggled when they were just starting out.

His hyungs could only smile faintly as Jungkook struggled to keep his composure, and the oldest member Jin patted his back in an effort to comfort him.

When it all comes down to it, Jungkook becomes emotional easily because of his huge heart.