BTS’s RM Looks So Good In All Pairs Of Glasses, He Struggled To Pick Just One

Damn RM 🔥

BTS‘s RM struggled to pick the best glasses to wear to the press conference of MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, and it makes total sense. Each pair looked like they were made just for him, so it’s no wonder he had a hard time deciding!

The first pair of glasses that he wore on the “BANGTAN BOMB” video were an instant favorite. Unfortunately, he didn’t like how they lacked nose pads.

He then tried on a pair of black round glasses but didn’t fancy them nearly as much.

Afterwards, he chose slightly curved beige glasses that matched his skin tone.

He then tried on a dark shade of round glasses, which were undeniably stunning as well!

Finally, after much thought and deliberation, he settled on glasses that made him “look smart”.

Hilariously, he joked that his “child” is so smart that he mastered Hangeul at a young age, taking after him!

Which pair of glasses did you like best on him?

Catch more of RM in the full video below.