ARMYs Are Bowing Down To RM’s Majestic MGA Outfit

“He just needs a sword and he’s good.” – ARMY

BTS took home several wins from the 2018 MGA (MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards), but RM also won an unofficial award for “Most Majestic Outfit”.


RM attended the awards show in flowing black clothes that turned heads throughout the evening.


When BTS went up to accept the “Genie Music Popularity Award”, RM’s long, billowing overcoat transformed the stage into a runway!


Now fans can’t stop talking about RM’s princely look.


They’ve pointed out how well the style complements his height and model proportions…


…and they hope BTS’s stylists will dress him in similar clothes for future events.


The outfit has reminded ARMY of several fictional characters, including the chic Grim Reaper from GoblinNeo from The Matrix, and characters from the video game series Final Fantasy.


RM truly is a fashion king!


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