BTS’s RM Reveals Which Member Gives Him The Most Inspiration

RM gets inspired when looking at this member’s face.

In a recent interview with Tokopedia, BTS‘s RM revealed which member gives him the most inspiration.


In the interview, RM was asked, “Which member gives you the most inspiration?” RM selected Jin! Jin has many nicknames due to his incredible visuals, one of which is “Worldwide Handsome.” RM shared that he gets a lot of inspiration when looking at Jin’s face.

| Borahae Army/YouTube

RM then shared that he gets inspired to work hard when looking at Jin’s face.

| Borahae Army/YouTube

After answering the question, RM was walking back to his seat, and he jokingly got told not to turn his back to the camera. After jokingly getting “scolded,” RM turned and did a pose!

| Borahae Army/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!