RM’s Middle School Rap Proves That He Was Always A Lyrical Genius

14 year old “Randa” was wise beyond his years.

RM has written over 100 songs, but his lyrical prowess started long before he joined BTS.


Back in 2009, RM was a 14/15-year-old middle school student with the heart of a poet and the mind of a genius. He performed in the underground rap scene under many names, including “Runch Randa“.


The May 29 episode of SBS‘s Discovering Genius takes an in-depth look into RM’s creative mind. Untouchable‘s rapper Sleepy, who introduced RM to BigHit Entertainment, says RM was a genius, even at such a young age.


This rap, written by RM/Randa in 2009, is proof that RM has always been wise beyond his years. “Grey City” takes a sobering look at how the world’s dreariness can break down a “house of sincerity” and leave one feeling cold and cynical.


This song is told from the perspective of a misunderstood and hard-working dreamer who is struggling to find his place in an apathetic, rigid society. It’s an insightful look into RM’s artistry, but also his feelings at the time. Little did Randa know that he would become RM, one of seven, bright stars who would bring color, warmth, and love to this “Grey City”.