BTS RM’s Middle School Report Card Revealed Unique Insight Into His Dreams

RM’s past dream was to be a microphone checker?

BTS‘s RM is quite an intelligent man, where he was an amazing student.

On an episode of Problematic Men, the cast took a quick look at RM’s middle school report card. RM couldn’t help but laugh a little after seeing it.

An interesting thing noted was that RM’s past dream was to be a microphone checker, to which he laughed at.

RM shares that he chose that just because it sounded cool at the time.

RM also chose an analyst as a potential occupation, where his parents originally weren’t supportive of his dreams as an artist. RM decided to choose a middle ground and agreed with his parents.

His parents eventually supported his dreams of becoming a rapper, where they eventually gave in to RM.

RM also revealed that he only concentrated on the subjects he liked, where he wouldn’t try as hard on subjects he wasn’t as interested in.


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