RM Speaks From The Heart About BTS’s “Miraculous” Journey To Success

“The fact that we’ve come this far is like a miracle.” – RM

BTS‘s journey from underdogs to superstars is nothing short of incredible, and no one knows it better than BTS’s leader, RM, who has called it a “miracle”.


RM was the very first member added to BTS’s official line up and since then he has guided his members through their hardships and triumphs.


On February 20, RM reflected on BTS in a heartfelt live stream with ARMY. Lately, he said he’s been thinking about how different each one of BTS’s members are, and how they are all “looking at different places” even though they’re “sailing in the same boat”.

“There’s something that I’ve been thinking about lately. All seven of us are different, you know. We’re very different. I think I might have said before, but this is how I describe it: it’s like we’re sailing in the same boat, but we’re looking at different places. We have different personalities, different strengths and weaknesses, and the things we want are different too.”

— RM


“But because we’re in this team,” he continued. “we see better sides of each other and we’re achieving things together as BTS that we couldn’t do otherwise. I think the others know that even better than I do.”


“The fact that we’ve come this far is like a miracle. It’s really a miracle.”


He also talked about BTS’s contract renewal and how, under different circumstances, that could have marked the end of BTS.

“Stuff like renewing our contracts. We’re very different and we really could have decided to say goodbye, but it’s a miracle that we’ve come this far. I’m so thankful.”

— RM


He expressed how grateful he is for ARMY, and he hopes that ARMY will continue to trust BTS just like RM trusts in his members.

“The members trust in me and I trust in them too. So, for this album and also the things that many of you have worries about and are talking about [. . .] we’re thinking about it as much as we can. So, trust in us. I hope that you’ll trust in us just a little more. We are really going to work hard.”

— RM


After expressing more of his love and gratitude, RM said, in English, “We’ll do our best. Thank you for everything and we love you.”


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