BTS’s RM Was Missing His Thyrsus Stage Prop, So Jin Exposed Why

Jin wanted ARMYs to know the truth, even if they hadn’t asked for it.

For BTS‘s “Dionysus” stages, they wouldn’t be complete without RM‘s ultimate stage prop. Although he has a powerful presence all by himself, his thyrsus staff takes him to another level of fierce. For their stage at KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje, it mysteriously seemed to be missing.

As RM charismatically rapped and danced atop the tables, his thyrsus was nowhere to be seen. ARMYs didn’t have to wonder for long about its whereabouts because Jin revealed what had happened on Weverse.

An ARMY posted a screenshot from their stage, with RM as the center, saying they looked like reliable businessmen. Jin hilariously didn’t see it that way and revealed that RM had broken the head of his thyrsus right before they’d pre-recorded the stage.

Everyone knows RM is the King Of Destruction. This is further proof that everything he touches is bound to break. The fact that Jin didn’t waste an opportunity to expose him has them amused, especially since he hadn’t been asked about it directly.

Watch RM be just as powerful without the thyrsus he’d broken.


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