BTS’s RM Was Not Happy As A Student Despite Being In The Top 1% In The Nation, Here’s Why

RM wasn’t that happy during this time.

BTS‘s RM is known for his intelligence, as he has an IQ of 148, and he once ranked in the top 1.3 percent of students in South Korea on his freshman high school exams for language, math, foreign language, and social studies.

During a past interview, RM was asked about his achievements as a student, and he revealed that he wasn’t that happy as a student. He shared that when he was a student, he didn’t have a clear goal for his life.

The only reason RM studied so hard was that he believed that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his future dreams if his grades were bad.

While he was performing well in school, RM admitted that he wasn’t happy while he was studying. Despite being unhappy with studying, RM continued since he thought it would help his future.

Now, RM looks back and is thankful that he studied so hard, as when he came out to the “real world”, he encountered many moments where he had to be smart.

Here’s the full video below!