BTS’s RM Offered TXT’s Yeonjun The Chance To Join A Cypher, And V Was Jealous AF

“Was I ever in that picture?”

BTS‘s rap-line is one of the most talented and have been showing off their skills by going all-in on their cypher tracks.

Ever since, V has always wanted to be a part of one. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, that didn’t seem to be in the cards for him, at least at first.

When Jungkook asked RM who he would create a subunit with, the first person he chose was TXT‘s Yeonjun. He thought Yeonjun would be the perfect fit along with him, Suga, and J-Hope.

Since they’re all rappers, it was only natural for RM to decide that they would make a cypher together. After saying it, he burst into laughter. Behind him, V was already catching on, nodding and waiting for his chance to speak up.

RM then mentioned how the cypher would be perfect if they ever performed it at a Big Hit Entertainment family concert. He’d read Yeonjun’s mind, “I had the exact same thought.” As RM continued talking about it, that’s when V was ready to put in his two cents.

With a serious facial expression, V looked at Yeonjun, asking, “Was I ever in that picture?” Yeonjun confirmed that he was. That’s when RM then realized he’d forgotten all about V and his desire to finally be in a cypher.

RM turned and pointed to him, “Right, we need V too. V’s got to be in it.” By then, V was staring daggers into the back of RM’s head. As he nervously scratched his neck, RM said they could do yet another cypher to include V.

Just watch V’s hype performance of “Cypher Pt.3”. Even when he isn’t being serious, he can fit into BTS’s rap-line effortlessly. Imagine how badass he’d be when completely focused.

Maybe V will finally get his chance to shine in a future cypher. Watch him ready to throw hands at RM for forgetting about him here.