BTS’s RM Once Loved A Song So Much That It Drove Suga A Little “Crazy”

RM had too much passion!

The BTS members are extreme savages to each other, as they have no problem teasing each other on broadcasts.

When BTS were guests on New Yang Nam Show, Suga shared that RM once drove him “crazy” due to how much he loved a song.

In the episode, it was revealed that RM is a big fan of NU’EST‘s “Hello”.

After this was revealed, Suga spoke about how he heard RM sing this song many times.

In BTS’s old dorm, the bedroom was right next to the bathroom.

Suga shared that when he was in the bedroom, he would always hear RM singing NU’EST’s “Hello” while taking a shower.

RM even did a hilarious reenactment of it.


Here’s the full video below!


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