BTS RM’s Pick-Up Lines Were So Cheesy, He Instantly Regret Them

We love RM for everything he does.

BTS‘s RM isn’t shy when it comes to letting ARMYs know how he feels about them!

While on Weverse, a fan asked RM if he was going to watch the shooting stars that were going to take place throughout that particular night. However, he didn’t hesitate to use it as an opportunity to flirt a little!

To me, the comments you all send are shooting stars..💫

Hmm this isn’t it

— RM

The comment may have been too corny for even his own taste, but that didn’t stop him from revealing what he would wish for if he encountered one of the shooting stars.

1. Meeting ARMY

2. The same as above

— RM

ARMYs hope just as much that this wish will come true.

Until that day comes, we’ll accept all of RM’s shameless Weverse flirting we can get!