BTS’s RM Shared The Exact Reason Why He Broke Up With His High School Girlfriend

RM was completely honest about the details.

On an episode of Problematic Men, BTS‘s RM shared some personal details about his love life in high school. He revealed that he did have a girlfriend in high school.

RM also went more in-depth about their breakup. The two shared some different values, which caused them to not match in a lot of aspects.

RM also shared that his girlfriend had a lot of male friends during the time they were dating.

RM doesn’t view this as a problem now, but it slightly bothered him in the past. RM’s past mindset didn’t like this and viewed it as an issue.

RM also shared that their disagreements led to a lot of arguments. All this fighting led to RM not being genuine about his feelings and led to them eventually breaking up.

Here is the full video below!