BTS’s RM Reunites With His Family Pup – And The Photos Will Make You Go “Aww”

BTS members + dogs = the best

Everyone knows about BTS‘s “eighth member” Yeontan – V‘s sweet dog – but other members of BTS have special animals in their life too!

RM recently posted photos of himself on BTS’s official Twitter account reuniting with his family pet, Moni – and the meeting is so precious. One image shows the pup between RM’s legs while the rapper is one his phone, and the other shows him affectionately scratching the adorable pet’s ears.

Since the leader of BTS is incredibly busy being part of one of the most successful musical artists in the world, the pup lives with his parents most of the time. RM likely misses Moni when he has to be away for such extended periods of time, so it’s great to see them reuniting like this!

With BTS’s upcoming tour, Map of the Soul, about to start up again on April 25, he’s probably wanting to get all the puppy love he can before the members are all off on their next long adventure across the world. Enjoy your down time, RM!