BTS’s RM Revealed A Surefire Way To Trigger Suga (Seriously, Don’t Do It!)

Suga’s reactions are just hilarious.

BTS‘s RM and Suga have known each for around a decade, and have shown their close bond many times.

While these two are close like brothers, there is one comment that RM says that can get Suga a little triggered.

While all the BTS members are incredible dancers, the members have teased RM and Jin in the past for their dancing skills. So, Suga takes some exception when his dancing skills are compared to theirs. In one instance, Suga claimed that he was a good dancer and that people misunderstand his dancing skills.

RM couldn’t help but laugh at Suga’s comments, which triggered Suga a little.

This isn’t a one-time occurrence either, as it happened again during one of BTS’s live broadcasts. The members were curious about who the better dancer was between Jin and RM.

Suga then has an idea of the other 5 members voting on who they think is better.

RM then triggers Suga by being confused about why Suga is voting alongside the other members.

This comment isn’t just triggering when RM does it, as Suga has been slightly offended when the other members have questioned his dancing skills. One time, Jin, RM, and Suga were all placed on a team and had a little dance battle. The other members then picked Suga as the worst dancer among the bunch, which triggered him a little.