BTS’s RM Reveals What The 7 Symbolizes In “Map Of The Soul: 7”

It’s more than just a number to them.

The release date of BTS‘s album Map Of The Soul: 7 is getting closer and closer. Since fans are more than eager for any new information about it, RM decided he would reveal a little about its title.

When the host of their Radio Disney interview asked what the overall meaning of the album was, RM focused on the number seven. He poetically stated, “I think it symbolizes everything.” He then elaborated.

To keep it from sounding too vague, he offered examples of how it was relevant to them: “You know, we have seven members. And, it’s been like seven years since our debut.”

RM continued to emphasize how important it was, “So, seven’s like a really special number for BTS.” It was what he said next that had ARMYs replaying his words back.

Trying hard not to spoil anything, he wouldn’t stop moving his hand while excitedly stating, “Since the title’s seven, there’s some special…magical souls inside.”

Whatever the group has up their sleeves, it will be something no one saw coming, especially if “magical souls” are involved. Watch RM reveal more about the title while also dropping a hint that led to more questions.