BTS’s RM Reveals How Nature And Art Helped Him Cope With Stress And Fear

He found peace in nature.

BTS‘s RM is known as the green thumb of the group as he is always tending to his plants and going on bike rides by the Han River.

In the Break The Silence: The Movie, the members express their joy and fears as they take fans on a ride in their journey as BTS.

Leader RM revealed that he was able to cope with his fear and stress as an artist through nature. “Well, rather than film noir, I think I’m better suited to documentaries and travelogues. At first, I think I was trying to avoid the amount of attention and the public’s eyes on BTS. In my attempts to counter that, I found nature. I found it in greenery, mountains, rivers, and parks.”

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He also explains that he doesn’t think that he is someone that is doing something extraordinary. “I think there are many different kinds of artists. But, there are minorities of artists that create things that are never-before-seen in this world, while there are those that don’t. I don’t think that I’m of the former. Some would say that’s not art or that it’s not fascinating.”

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He emphasizes that there are ways to cope with pain and use it to do something better. “And people often say that being in pain is inevitable for artists, but I don’t think it’s always the case. I believe there are a lot of things that I can do that are far better.”

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He expresses that due to nature and art, he is able to continue his craft without losing his mind. “That’s what I believe, and I want to keep my thoughts that way. It’s how I’m able to continue without going insane. I think I was able to keep going without creating some kind of public incident all because I didn’t go insane. I don’t want to make myself into a weak person, nor let fear consume me and swallow me whole. So when I go to the museum, grow plants, and ride my bike, it’s all part of a fight to keep myself from going insane.”

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We all know what a humble and great leader RM is and to us fans, his existence in this world is far more than just ordinary!