BTS’s RM Reveals That He Ran Away From Big Hit Entertainment A Few Months Before BTS’s Debut

He ended up coming back for a heartwarming reason.

BTS appeared on episode seven of I-LAND, where they had some heartwarming moments with the trainees.

During the episode, there was a segment where the BTS members gave advice to the trainees regarding some of their concerns. Trainee Taki had a concern that the BTS members related to a lot.

Taki shared that this is the first time he’s been away from his family for an extended period of time and that he misses them dearly.

BTS also had to deal with this when they were trainees, as they were away from their families from a young age as well. Even now, the members are rarely able to see their families.

RM then shared a heartbreaking story that happened before BTS’s debut.

RM revealed that he ran away from Big Hit Entertainment six months before BTS was set to debut.

He ended up meeting his father, who was the reason why he went back to the company. As soon as his father saw him, he told him that he should go back to the company.

RM’s father spent a couple of hours convincing him to go back to the company and told him, “I know you want to be there (Big Hit Entertainment) and you need to be there.” His father also told him that if he didn’t go back, he would regret it later in life. After listening to his father, RM went back to Big Hit Entertainment.

There’s more in the full video below!