BTS’s RM Reveals What He Did With The Prize He Received From Baek Jong Won

This prize is too dangerous to be in RM’s hands.

In the most recent episode of BTS’s Run BTS!, famous chef Baek Jong Won made a guest appearance to judge their cooking skills.

| Run BTS!

The group split into two teams to compete for the prize, which was a custom-made knife by Baek Jong Won!

Of course, Baek prepared a knife for all seven regardless of the competition to thank them for helping him promote ham to help the pork farmers who were struggling during these hard times.

Leader RM recently held a live stream and gave an update on the status of his knife that he received from Baek.

Ah the knife that Baek Jong Won gave us? That knife is really good. They say it’s a knife used for Chinese cooking, but for me, it’s a knife that is very dangerous. So right away, I gave it to my mom. She is probably getting great use out of it.

— RM

He also revealed that he received a signed autograph from Baek himself and thought it was cute that Mr. Baek stood holding his autograph waiting for RM to take a picture of him as proof that he got his signature!

Considering RM is known as the ‘god of destruction’, it’s probably best that the knife stays with his mom!