BTS’s RM Says He Respects Jin And ARMYs Fall In Love With The Solid Brotherhood

So much respect!

On BTS Weverse, an online fan community where BTS members and ARMYs interact, an ARMY praised Jin for being a trustworthy ‘hyung’ to the rest of the group. To this, RM responded with a comment that agreed with everything the post said – and ARMYs are in love with the level of mutual love and respect the members have for each other.


This fan explained how Jin had to become the oldest member of BTS at such a young age and wrote, “I can’t possibly imagine how you must have felt, but I respect you… I love you.”

For twenty years, you were a ‘maknae’ at your own home. But at an age much younger than how old Jungkook is now, you had to become the oldest ‘hyung’ for the group. You had to look after the younger members, like wake them up in the morning and feed them breakfast. You had to send Jungkook off to school… I can’t possibly imagine how you must have felt doing that, but I respect you for all that you did. I love you for all that you are.



And to this post, RM personally commented, “I respect him too.” This comment, with a blue badge next to the ID verifying it is indeed RM himself, now has ARMYs realizing how RM as a leader of BTS and Jin as the oldest member of BTS must have shared a lot of thoughts and insights throughout the years and related to each other on a deeper, more special level.


In fact, RM and Jin have always been supportive of each other in their respective positions. In a previous interview, RM and Jin pointed out they depended on each other when they tried to find ways to become a good leader and a good ‘hyung’ to the group. When the interview question asked, “As a leader vs. oldest member, have you two ever found each other uncomfortable?” RM and Jin simultaneously answered that they have never felt such way, but instead found each other to be reliable.

Q. As a leader vs. oldest member, have you two ever found each other uncomfortable?

RM/J: (Together) Never.

RM: We’d go eat noodles together, then head over to a cafe to talk. We talked a lot.

Q. What did you guys talk about?

J: We talked about how we can lead the ‘kids’, take good care of them, and become a better group. We agreed to try our best and whatnot. The ‘kids’ were so good though, putting our worries to rest.


RM and Jin have also acknowledged each other as their trustworthy friend and brother. Jin called RM his right hand man, and while RM playfully answered “In that case, Jin is my left hand man”, ARMYs learned that they mean the world to each other.

Q. Here’s the last question. What does Jin / RM mean to you?

J: You are my right hand man, RM.

RM: In that case, Jin hyung is my left hand man.


Jin and RM have a strong, unbreakable bond that crown them as one of K-Pop’s best leader x hyung combo! And fans are in love with this combo, acting as the two great pillars of BTS holding the group together, and root for many more years to come in their relationship.

Source: THEQOO and Nate Pann