BTS’s RM Shares How He’s Been Doing And Unintentionally Gave Book Recommendations

An intellectual king.

BTS’s RM shared a photo through Weverse showing how he’s been trying to get through this time by maintaining his daily life. The photo revealed his book case filled with books that he’s either read or is currently reading.

“Maintaining daily life.”

There is a saying that you can understand someone by seeing what they have on their book case. BTS’s RM is known by many as a K-Pop idol who enjoys books and he has been seen reading time and time again through photos and videos. Those who have seen his collection of books are quite surprised to see the variety of genres that he reads. He has anything from essays, novels, literature, arts, social issues, poems, and more. His expansive collection of genres and topics show just how open he is to the world and all the different aspects and thoughts about it.

Below is a list of most of the books seen on his book case:

Me, Natasha and a White Donkey– Seok Baek

Sky, Wind, and Stars– Yun Dong-ju

Musoyu– Bopjong

Deer– Baek Seok

Wonder Boy– Kim Yeon-su

Familiar Things– Hwang Sok-yong

The Moon and Sixpence– Somerset Maugham

The Brothers Karamazov Parts 1, 2, and 3– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Francis Bacon: Books and Painting– Chris Stephens, Miguel Egana, Michal Peppiatt, Catherine Howe, Didier Ottinger

Chang Ucchin

Journal by Yoo Young-gu

Life And Art– Son Sang-gi

Hyehwa Dong 70 years– Lee Dae Won

Jean Michel Basquiat– Kukje Gallery

Wipe Out in Hong Kong– Invader

Invasion Los Angeles– Invader

The Zhuangzi– Zhuang Zhou

Disgrace (모멸감)– Kim Chan-ho

You’re Right (당신이 옳다)– Jung Hye Shin

Sapiens– Yuval Noah Harari

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage– Carl Sagan

Guns, Germs, & Steel– Jared Diamond

Thus Spoke Zarathustra– Friedrich Nietzsche

The Story of Art– Ernst Gombrich

A Little History of the World– Ernst Gombrich

Jeannert Chandigarh

The American Century: Art & Culture– Barbary Haskell

Catch the Moon and the Stars (literal translation) 달도따고해도따리라- Kim Chang-sil

My Cultural Heritage Survey (literal translation) 나의문화유산답사기 9 and 10- Yoo Hong-joon

Whanki Museum Highlights

Casa Wabi– Alvaro Siza, Bosco and Carla Sodi

Metamorphosis– Franz Kafka

Let’s all use this as motivation to hit the books while under quarantine!

source: BEST OF ME