BTS’s RM Was Dying To See “Sky Castle’s” Finale, So He Did This

RM told fans just how excited he was to see the show’s conclusion.

BTS‘s RM is a huge fan of the megapopular K-Drama “Sky Castle” and like any fan, he just couldn’t wait to see the show’s final episode.


The finale for “Sky Castle”, a satirical show about wealthy housewives who go to extreme lengths to ensure their families’ successes, aired on February 1 at 11 PM KST.


In a chat, RM told ARMYs that he was so pumped to see the conclusion that he hurried home just to watch it. Like all K-Drama fans, he’s now experiencing post-drama depression: he doesn’t know what to live for now that the show is over!


RM logged on to chat with ARMYs soon after the show ended, and he wished them all a beautiful night. “Sky Castle” sapped him of his energy, but it was well worth it!


Fans of the show can definitely relate to RM, but since the show hadn’t aired everywhere yet, they begged him not to spoil it!


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