BTS RM Moved Fans With This Special Gift That Only ARMYs Would Recognize

RM is the sweetest.

BTS‘s RM surprised ARMYs who attended the public broadcast of M Countdown on April 17 with a very special gift.


The gift included a framed photo of BTS, a photo card and a hot pack in a bag that was labeled “Map of the Soul: Persona”. And while nothing may seem very special to some, the photo RM put in the frame was extremely meaningful to ARMYs.


This is because this framed “family photo” of BTS was something that RM cherished for years.


Despite the fact that he had moved studios numerous times, RM had apparently always kept this particular framed photo on his desk at all times.


He had even introduced the frame as one of his treasures.

RM’s cherished item Group photo taken after Chuseok V app, on the day of <3RD MUSTER> VCR filming.


Moreover, fans were touched once again after reading the message he wrote on the photo card. It read, “Our other family.”


And as if that were not enough, he also provided fans with sandwiches and drinks in case they got hungry.


Fans were completely touched and jealous of those who got to receive this special gift.

Source: The Qoo


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