BTS’s RM Startles V When He Forgets All About Their Choreography

V didn’t know what to do.

During a performance of BTS‘s hit “Boy With Luv”, V had a funny incident with RM regarding the latter’s tweaking of their choreography.

RM felt the performance so much that he followed along with the lyrics of the song rather than the prepared choreography. After singing, “Let it fly,” RM threw away the white hat he’d been holding.

He was initially supposed to pass the hat to V. Since he’d been waiting with a hand held out to receive it, he was instantly startled by what RM did. He pulled back and clasped his hands together around his microphone, cutely unsure of what to do next.

To settle down and play off the funny incident, he bounced in place to the beat of the song. The movements made ARMYs melt from his cute reaction.

Shortly afterward, everything was back to normal. V kept his professionalism and moved right into the next dance move like nothing happened.

RM’s clumsiness and destructive tendencies strike again, this time making V react in the cutest way to offset them. See him catch V off guard with his improvising here.