BTS’s RM Reveals The Story Behind Adding Sign Language To The “Permission To Dance” Choreography

Here’s how RM felt about it.

BTS recently released “Permission To Dance,” and fans were quick to praise the members for celebrating diversity. In particular, they were lauded for using their platform to incorporate both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language into their choreography.

Leader RM talked about adding sign language to the choreography in a recent live broadcast. A fan had asked him, “How did you end up putting sign language in PTD?

RM revealed that someone had brought up the idea when they discussing ideas. After realizing that they had never used sign language in their dances before, they unanimously decided to try it out.

I’m not sure. The idea came up, and we realized that we had never considered that before, so we ended up trying it.

.— RM

RM described the entire process as a “really fun experience.”

After “Permission To Dance” was released, RM was glad that the response from many people was good.

There was a lot of feedback from many people who were touched by our work, so that was really nice.

.— RM

Aside from in “Permission To Dance,” the BTS members also used sign language in other occasions. V, for example, showed off his expertise several times in the past.

Watch BTS incorporate sign language in the “Permission To Dance” MV below!

Source: Naver