BTS’s Suga Shared A Story About His Mother To “Help” RM

Suga brought this up because of a point RM made.

In episode 131 of Run BTS!, the BTS members were split into teams, and they had debates on various topics. One of the topics was “soft peach vs. hard peach.

RM, who was arguing for soft peaches, said that hard peaches could hurt someone’s teeth and cause them to go to the dentist.

After RM said this, the members couldn’t help but laugh at his statement.

Suga, who also was arguing for soft peaches, shared a story about his mother to “help” support RM’s statement. Suga shared that when his mother was in elementary school, she lost a tooth because she had a hard candy.

Suga believes that if a person can lose a tooth due to hard candy, they can lose one due to a hard peach.

After Suga shared this story, J-Hope asked if his mother was okay, but Suga didn’t seem to hear him.

Suga sure thought of an interesting way of “helping” RM!

BTS’s Suga
Source: Naver Live