BTS’s RM Continues To Upgrade His Physique With Pilates And These Pics Prove The Change

The transformation is jaw dropping!

Back in 2017, during their “DNA” promotions, BTS‘s RM was a skinny legend. He was on a weight loss journey at the time, and fans who prefer leaner figures loved his toned figure.


In the following years of promotions, however, RM began working out and taking pilates classes. With time, RM has perfected not only his amazing physique, but also his great posture that makes him shine even brighter on stage. Here’s how lean RM used to be in 2017…


… and how he looked by 2018. RM had bulked up a bit more. His shoulders and arms were more defined and his legs looked stronger too. This slightly more muscular shape actually made RM look healthier and more active – and ARMYs were all about that fit man RM era!


Now, in 2019, RM is rocking his best physique yet. His posture continued to improve over the years and now he looks like a god when he hovers on stage. He also has developed more muscles – thanks to the weight training that he picked up along the way on top of his usual pilates workouts. ARMYs love RM’s transformations over the years and are inspired to try out pilates themselves!


RM can now gracefully pull off all styles of outfits, thanks to his beautiful build. From casual AF streetwear…


… to fancy dress shirts…


… and even the hottest pink of all hot pink suits out there, RM has definitely pumped up his sexiness with pilates!


ARMYs are thanking pilates for helping RM become a visual king. In fact, #ThankYouPilates has long been a trending tag for fans fascinated with RM’s beautiful figure. And we can’t help but agree; Thank you, pilates!

Source: THEQOO