BTS’s RM Once Shared Where He Wanted To Go On Vacation… And He Ended Up Getting Teased By The Members

The members teased RM as soon as he gave his answer.

The BTS members are extremely playful, as they are always teasing each other on broadcasts.

When BTS guested on Park So Hyun’s Love Game, RM got teased by his fellow members.


BTS’s Suga

During the show, a fan sent a message, asking the members, “If you have a chance to go on a trip with the members, where do you want to go?

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RM answered the question by picking Alaska.

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Once RM stated this, the members all disagreed with him and asked him why he picked such a cold place. Jin even hilariously told RM to “go alone”.

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Jimin then gave his answer, as he picked Hawaii.

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Suga then “scolded” RM, telling him that he should pick a warm place like Hawaii.

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Here’s the full video below!