RM’s Wet And Wild Look Gave Fans Heat Stroke At The Lotte Family Concert

Summer turned up the heat, and so did RM.

ARMYs are clapping their hands in thanks for the summer heat…and the stylists’ wardrobe choices!


On August 11, BTS performed at the Lotte Family Concert, their last scheduled performance before their official, 2-month hiatus.


As always the members’ visuals were on point, but as the stage heated up, so did RM. RM danced so hard that he ended up completely sweating through his white shirt.


Most people don’t look their best when they’re dying from the heat, but RM’s not most people. He’s a visual king!


At one point, RM took off his blazer to cool off…


…but that gave ARMYs heat stroke!


For more, check out V‘s fire bending skills at the concert.

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