BTS’s RM Thanks ARMYs For Loving Him Despite His New Hair

Honestly, he can rock any style!

Recently, BTS’s RM took to Weverse livestream to chat with ARMYs. During the live stream, he touched upon many things, including reassuring fans that although the members are away, they will continue to engage with fans in any way they can.

He also emphasized that the solo projects were a part of the group’s chapter two and part of the process toward their reunion in 2025.

So, all the solos are just a journey but a very important journey for chapter two. It’s a journey to get back home safely, eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025. So thanks for making this song and supporting and [for] the love. I swear that I’ve never taken this enormous love for granted in my whole life, and I will be the same in the future. And, you know, I guess- no, I can bet, all the other members would feel the same.

— BTS’s RM

During the livestream, RM read a comment and genuinely wondered just how deep and big ARMYs love was as they complimented his hair cut.

Fan: Namjoon is pretty no matter what he does!

RM: Wow how big is your love really? I’m sorry I shaved my head but there was just no other way!


Although RM couldn’t believe that fans could even love his hair style, we all know he looks good in anything!

  • “No but really he looks so good.”
  • “I’m not just saying this he really suits the style.”
  • “This is the best look I’ve seen on him.”
  • “I’m really not just saying this he really looks good with this hair.”
  • “He looks good even with a shaved cut. He looked so good at Suga’s concert.”
  • “He really looks good, his head is like a round chestnut.”
  • “He has a round potato head it’s so pretty.”

On the other hand, fans are also excited for next year’s FESTA, as oldest member Jin would be back from the military and fill the gaps as the other members head to the military!

Source: theqoo