RM Reveals The Surprising True Story Behind His “Worst Haircut” Ever

There’s more to this mushroom cut than meets the eye.

BTS‘s RM has gone through dramatic styling changes, and has had many unique haircuts along the way.


RM’s most memorable hairstyle may be his permed undercut from “No More Dream”, but fans will also never forget…


…these dreadlocks…


…or even this Sailor Moon wig.


Some people might cringe when they see pictures of their past hairdos, but only one of RM’s old looks truly embarrasses him.


On an episode of Problematic Men, the hosts showed each of their guests a compilation of their most embarrassing old photos. RM’s collage featured a number of unusual hairstyles, but he told the hosts that they could laugh all they wanted about his other photos. His middle school photos were the only ones he was really embarrassed about!


Recently, however, RM revealed new details about this old ‘do.


In middle school, in the classroom next door to RM’s, was a friend…


…who RM used to get into a little trouble with.


Like RM, Jongyoon had a mushroom cut. Since RM’s hair was brown, RM was nicknamed “poison mushroom”, while Jongyoon was “mushroom”.


Together, they were the “mushroom brothers”.


Sadly, this duo was separated when Jongyoon moved away for school…


…but they were briefly reunited, 7 years later, when Jongyoon gave RM a ride home.


RM describes this mushroom brothers’ reunion as “touching”.


In the end, in spite of (or perhaps because of?) RM’s mushroom hairdo, fans continue to love him just the same.